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Douleutaras is the leading tech-enabled company for home services.
We possess the best KPIs in the industry, have been growing fast and already expanded internationally. Join us in disrupting the home services market and becoming the global leader!
Help us build the definitive services company

We are transforming the way people consume services - the app you go to every time you need a job done. In the process, we are creating a huge ecosystem of growing entrepreneurs that solve everyday problems.

The global services market is valued at €6 Trillion, yet less than 5% of that is online. Contrast that with the digital disruption of countless other industries - from banking and travel to retail and communications - and it’s clear that our journey in the services sector has only just begun.

What we value

In a nutshell, we appreciate bold and direct people, who are not afraid to challenge the status quo, who are driven to develop themselves, put our team first and understand that taking on risk and learning from failure is the only path to growth.

1 Be Honest
2 Be a Teamplayer
3 Inspire and be inspired
4 Be open-minded
5 Do more with less
6 Own your work
7 Think big
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Who we are
Andreas Grammatis
Spyros Lambrinidis
Nicolas Chrysostomou
VP of Business Development
Alkis Nikiforiadis
VP of Strategy
Cezary Szandecki
Head of Marketing & Special Projects
Ioannis Pouloupatis
Head of Expansion
Vassilis Katsiavos
Business Development Manager
Giorgos Kaloskopis
BI Analyst
Anastasios Mourtopallas
Data Scientist
Thanos Machairas
Finance Manager
Alexandros Kontimpas
Cleaning | BU Manager
Panos Pagidas
Cleaning | Operations Supervisor
Argyro Spyridonos
Cleaning | Operations Supervisor
Stamatina Zafeiropoulou-Chatzi
Cleaning | Supply Specialist
Katerina Zania
Cleaning | Customer Support Agent
Fotis Mitakidis
Cleaning | Customer Support Agent
Angeliki Karampela
Cleaning | Customer Support Agent
Shahenda Elastah
Cleaning | Customer Support Agent
Christodoulos Chatziossif
Country Manager
Rafaella Georgiou
Sales Executive
Konstantinos Kavasis
Account Coordinator
Andreas Dimitriou
Cleaning | Account Coordinator
Dimitris Kyprianou
Sales Executive
Christos Panagi
Account Executive
Marieleni Emmanouil
Account Executive
Alexander Milenko
Software Engineer - Team Lead
Arys Evangelos Andreou
Software Engineer - Team Lead
Dmitrii Mikhailov
Software Engineer (Back-end)
Michael Trefilov
Software Engineer (Front-end & Mobile)
Viktor Klymenko
Software Engineer (Front-end)
Daria Chernobaieva
Software Engineer (Back-end)
Vladimir Velikiy
Software Engineer (Front-end)
Anton Fedko
Software Engineer (Front-end)
Dmitry Svishchov
Software Engineer (Mobile)
Grigoris Bouzioutopoulos
Software Engineer (Back-end)
Serafeim Lamprou
Site Reliability Engineer
Pavlos Kallis
Software Engineer (Back-end)
Aris Belii
Software Engineer (Front-end)
Alexandros Damianakis
Software Engineer (Mobile)
Jasmine Kastani
HR Manager
Panos Tamboukos
Office Manager
Margarita Gardikioti
Internal Communications Associate
Konstantinos Karakostas
Performance Marketing Manager
Alexandra Stamidi
Marketing Executive
Maria Triantafyllou
Junior Marketing Executive
Yannis Saitis
Performance Marketing Associate
Konstantinos Papadopoulos
Operations Manager
Manolis Marousis
Development & Sales Supervisor
Ilias Nikdimas
Account Coordinator
Vangelis Nergizis
Account Coordinator
Alkis Kotridis
Account Coordinator
Fotis Kontoulis
Account Coordinator
Konstantina Kourakou
Customer Experience Supervisor
Argyro Geortseki
Sales Executive - Thessaloniki
Christina Chelvatzi
Customer Experience Specialist
Marios Moirotsos
Sales Executive
Androniki Paragyiou
Customer Experience Specialist IE
Filippos Kazazis
Sales Executive
Athanassios Laliotis
Sales Executive
Katerina Foskolou
Head of Design
Dionysia Tzioti
Video & Content Creator
Vassilis Nikiforakis
QA Engineer
Zoe Bourbouli
UI Designer
Ioannis Kokkosis
Junior Product Manager
Ioannis Kalyviotis
Product Manager
Alkisti Kokorikou
UX Designer
Jake Brennan
Country Manager
Finbar Crowley
Sales Development Representative
Sebastian Swan
Sales Development Representative
Eoghan Sheehy
Sales Development Representative
Chris Stanley
Account Manager
Francisco Bernardes
Country Manager
Nuno Cruz
Regional Manager Porto
Rita Galvão
Pedro Assuncao
Sales Representative
Susana Nunes
Customer Experience Agent
José Dias
Sales Representative
Monica Monteiro
Sales Representative
Raquel Mina
Sales Representative
Diogo Lima
Sales Representative
Testimonials icon

"Every day I see the evolution and change of Douleutaras, not just day by day but minute to minute. We all started in Cyprus without the market knowing anything about us and now within just a few months people already know us and trust us.  My role is to service our customers in the best possible way, while helping our professionals grow."

Rafaella  (Cyprus)

“The vision to disrupt a huge market and help our customers & professionals to develop their skills and fulfill some of their dreams keeps me inspired every single day.

My job and my personality have changed a lot since my first day. I covered different positions, having the opportunity to explore many areas and develop my skills.”

Konstantinos  (Operations)

“No day is the same, especially for the Operations team!  The most interesting thing in Douleutaras is the positive working environment within our company. It is a place where teamwork and skills are encouraged and highly valued. Every member of the D-team values feedback. We can voice out our thoughts and they are being respected.There is a two way communication between employees and senior management in the company.”

Konstantina  (Operations)

“I truly believe in the potential of Douleutaras and my role is really important since I have been trusted to manage an entire Business Unit. That's why I'm working with passion, since the first day that I joined as an intern, so I can be part of the success story of Douleutaras.''

Alexandros  (Cleaning)

“I love the company culture and enjoy working with everyone. Collaboration is great and I love my job because everyone shares the same vision and is dedicated to the mission.

The benefits about working here are the knowledge you gain and the ability to solve issues, the opportunity for growth and taking on more responsibility as well as the work-life balance.”

Maria  (Marketing)

“We have a great team and we're building an awesome product. Front-end part consists of several projects with different technologies and there is space for switching between different projects and teams. 

What motivates me is the Company’s growth and its expansion to other countries (it was so awesome when we launched in Cyprus and it started to grow so fast).”

Michael  (Engineering)

“The most interesting thing about working at Douleutaras is the unlimited growth potential!

I am a people person so I love to collaborate, help and communicate with other people! I also love branding and coordinating events, so during my tenure in Douleutaras I had the opportunity to undertake various roles and now to grow my skills further through my new role as Internal Communications Associate.”

Margarita  (HR)

“The most interesting thing about working here is the quality of our team. It consists of very hardworking people, with extreme ownership, great ambitions and innovative mindset. 

One of the things that I am most proud of, is that I was part of the team almost from the very first day in a company that through its innovation managed to become the No1 platform in Greece and Cyprus, and hopefully to the rest of the world.”

Christodoulos  (Cyprus)

“What I enjoy most in my work is the freedom I have for creativity, the room for growth and the strong team!

If I could describe Douleutaras spirit, this would be fast-paced, friendly and aiming to be more and more modern”